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Ranma 1/2 Icons

Ranma 1/2 Icons
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Welcome to Ranma 1/2 Icons~!
Anyone can join, but you have to follow these rules:

-Only post Ranma 1/2 icons, obviously.
-If you have more then 5 icons to post, put them under an LJ cut. You can find out how to make on in teh help section.
-When taking an icon, please credit it's maker. To credit, put "Made by < lj-user = "USERNAMEHERE" >" in the Comment box (Without the spaces, of course.)
-No bashing other members, or Ranma 1/2 for that matter.
-The limit for icons is PG. No hentai, or anything to that effect, please. You can, however, put some swearing in them. I don't mind about that.

Got any other questions? Contact the mod at her main account, _monteh_ ;D.